Baby Boy r Names

Baby Boy r Names

This page contains Baby Boy r Names .

Name Gender Meaning
Ralph Boy wolf, wise counsel
Rama Boy enchanting, all pervading, omnipresent, causing rest, charming, delight, dark, lovely, pleasant, Vishnu
Rakshan Boy protector, to guard, ashes
Rakta Boy blood, painted, reddened, excited, beloved, dear, pleasant, lovely, lac, vermilion
Rajit Boy bright, brilliant, illuminant
Raka Boy full-moon day
Rajendra Boy lord of kings, emperor
Raji Boy silvery, shining
Rajawant Boy with kingly qualities
Rajatadri Boy silver mountain
Rajasuya Boy the royal oblation
Rajat Boy silver, ivory, mind, bright, pleasant, pearl
Rajneel Boy royal blue, emerald
Rajaneesh Boy lord of night, moon
Rajanikant Boy beloved of the night, moon
Rajanikar Boy night maker, moon
Rajan Boy king, rular, moon
Rajendra Boy emperor, king of kings
Rajesh Boy god of kings,emperor
Rajahans Boy royal swan, excellent, king
Rajak Boy illuminating, splendid, prince, king
Raj Boy king
Rajabijin Boy of royal descent
Rajadeep Boy lamp of Kings, lamp among Kings
Ragyula Boy coloured, ruby
Rahul Boy able, efficient
Raghukumar Boy son of Raghu
Raghumanyu Boy Quick tempered, eager, zealous
Raghuveer Boy brave man of Raghu clan
Ragav Boy Raghu descendant, Rama
Raghu Boy fleet, rapid, light
Ragamaya Boy red, full of passion, full of colour, full of love, beloved, dear
Ragayug Boy attached to, colour, attached to love
Radhik Boy successful
Rafat Boy ascending
Radhak Boy liberal, bountiful
Radhakrishna Boy Radha and Krishna together
Rabhya Boy pleasant, agreeable, a kind of shruti in music
Rachit Boy produced, prepared, fashioned
Radcliff Boy red cliff
Rabodh Boy bestowing strength
Rabhu Boy messenger

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