Baby Names Start With I

Baby Names Start With I

This page contains Baby Names Start With I.

Name Gender Meaning
Ian Boy god's gracious gift
Ibhan Boy elephant- faced, Ganesha
Ibhanan Boy elephant-faced, Ganesha
Ibrahim Boy father of many
Icchaka Boy granting desires
Ida Boy stream of praise, time period, libation, Agni
Idaspati Boy lord of refreshment
Iddham Boy shining, blazing, glowing, heat, light, sunshine
Idenya Boy to be praiseworthy
Idhant Boy bright, pure, resplendent
Idrees Boy father of many, enthusiastic prince
Idwal Boy prince of the wall
Ignatius Boy fiery
Igor Boy army warrior with a bow
Ihsan Boy beneficence
Ijya Boy worthy of worship, teacher, deity, god
Ikshura Boy sugarcane, a fragrant grass called Khas
Ikshvaku Boy desire- attacher
Ikval Boy prosperity, good fortune
Ilachandra Boy moon of the earth
Iladhar Boy holder of the earth, mountain
Ilahi Boy term of an era begun by Akhbar
Ilanko Boy surface of the earth
Ilaspati Boy lord of the earth
Ilavarta Boy the surrounding the earth, cloud over the earth
Ilavil Boy protector of the earth
Ilavrit Boy protector of speech
Ilesh Boy lord of the earth
Ilila Boy having high intelligence
Ilukh Boy covering the earth, wanderer
Ilya Boy a mythical tree of paradise
Ilyas Boy a prophet’s name
Imad Boy support
Immanuel Boy god’s support
Imran Boy a prophet’s name
Inakant Boy beloved of the sun
Inan Boy sun, king, lord, master
Inas Boy able, bold, glorious, mighty, powerful, strong, wild
Inayat Boy benevolence
Indambara Boy with precious clothing
Indeevar Boy best among the precious, blessing, blue lotus
Indra Boy god of sky, god of atmosphere, excellent, chief, first, sign of generous heroism
Indrabha Boy with the glory of indra
Indradamana Boy conqueror of indra, a king of known for his generosity
Indradutt Boy gift of indra
Indradhvaja Boy indra’s banner
Indradu Boy desired by indra
Indradyumna Boy the light, luster and splendor of indra
Indragni Boy Indra-Agni conjoined
Indraguru Boy teacher of indra
Indraj Boy born of indra
Indrajalin Boy of the net of Indra, a sorcerer
Indrajit Boy conqueror of Indra
Indrakarman Boy performing Indra’sdeeds, Vishnu
Indraneel Boy As blue as Indra, sapphire
Indrapalit Boy protected by Indra
Indrajan Boy having Indra as king
Indrasan Boy throne of Indra
Indrasarathi Boy the charioteer of Indra
Indrasena Boy the army of Indra, the best warrior
Indratan Boy as strong as Indra
Indratejas Boy the strength of Indra, the thunderbolt of Indra
Indrota Boy one who lives near Indra, promoted by Indra
Indubhushan Boy with moon as an ornament, Shiva
Indugiri Boy mountain of the moon, cool, fair, silver, soothing
Induj Boy son of the moon, planet Mercury
Idha Girl insight
Idhaya Girl heart
Idhika Girl another name for parvati
Iha Girl the earth
Ihina Girl enthusiasm
Ihitha Girl desire
Iksha Girl desire
Ikshana Girl sight
Ikshitha Girl visible
Ikshu Girl sugarcane
Ilisha Girl queen of the earth
Indira Girl goddess lakshmi
Indrani Girl wife of lord indra
Indrayani Girl the name of a sacred river
Indhuja Girl narmadha river
Indukala Girl digit of the moon
Indhuma Girl moon
Indupraba Girl moon rays
Ipsa Girl desire
Ipsita Girl desired
Ira Girl earth
Isha Girl one who protects
Ishana Girl rich
Ishani Girl parvati, wife of lord shiva
Ishanya Girl north east
Ishi Girl goddess Durga
Ishita Girl mastery, wealth
Ishwari Girl goddess
Ishwarya Girl god’s prosperity
Ishya Girl spring
Ivy Girl a creeper
Iyla Girl moon light
Iyalisai Girl music

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