Baby Names Start With T

Baby Names Start With T :

This page contains Baby Names Start With T .

Name Gender Meaning
Tahir Boy holy
Taksha Boy cutting through
Takshak Boy cutter, carpenter
talan Boy musician
Talava Boy musician
Talin Boy adorned with cymbals, Shiva
Taleesh Boy lord of earth, mountain
Tallaj Boy excellent
Talun Boy wind, young, youth
Talur Boy whirlpool
Tama Boy darkness
Tamal Boy dark-barked, mark on forehead
Tameeshwar Boy lord of darkness
Tamir Boy pure, tall, stately
Tamish Boy moon, god of darkness
Tamoghna Boy destroying darkness, sun, moon, Shiva, Vishnu
Tamohar Boy remover of darkness, moon
Tamonud Boy dispersing darkness, sun
Tamori Boy enemy of darkness, sun
Tamrak Boy copper
Tamrakhya Boy a red pearl
Tamras Boy day lotus, gold, copper
Tana Boy offspring
Tanak Boy reward
Tanamay Boy embodied
Tanas Boy offspring
Tanaveer Boy strong, robust,enlightened
Tanayut Boy wind, night, thunderbolt
Tanish Boy mighty, brave, active, gold, ocean, heaven
Tanishtha Boy smallest
Tanjala Boy the Cataka bird
Tanishtha Boy smallest
Tanjala Boy the Cataka bird
Tanka Boy leg, a ragini
Tansu Boy decorative
Tantav Boy made of threads, son
Tantrayin Boy drawing out threads of light, sun
Tantu Boy thread, propagator of the family
Tanubhav Boy son
Tanuj Boy born of body, son
Tanurja Boy with heat in the body
Tanuvasin Boy having power over the person, ruling, Indra
Tanuvin Boy possessed of a body
Tapa Boy consuming the heat, warming, burning, shining, sun
Tapan Boy illuminating, burning, sun, hot season, sunstone
Tapankar Boy sun beam, ray of sun
Tapas Boy penance, ascetic, bird, fire, heat, merit, meditation, potential power, warmth, sun, moon
Tapaswin Boy hermit, ascetic
Tapasya Boy produced by heat, belonging to austerity
Tapeej Boy gem
Tapendra Boy sun
Tapesh Boy lord of penance, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, sun
Tapit Boy refined gold
Tapoj Boy born from heat
Taporaj Boy lord of austerities
Tarachandra Boy
Taradeesh Boy lord of stars, moon
Tarak Boy saving, liberating, helmsman, astral
Tarakshya Boy the sun as white as horse
Taral Boy glittering, tremulous, main gem of the necklace, wave, ruby, iron
Taran Boy raft, heaven
Tarang Boy goes across, wave, billow
Tarant Boy ocean
Tarasvin Boy quick, energetic, violent, bold, hero, falcon, wind
Taraswat Boy quick, energetic, violent, bold, hero, falcon, wind
Tabassum Girl a flower
Talikha Girl nightingale
Tamasa Girl a river
Tamasi Girl night
Tanaya Girl son
Tanika Girl rope
Tamina Girl slenderness
Tanmayi Girl ecstasy in Sanskrit& telugu
Tanseem Girl salute of paradise
Tanu Girl body
Tanushri Girl beautiful
Tanvi Girl slender
Tapani Girl the river godhavari
Tapasi Girl a female ascetic
Tara Girl star
Tarala Girl honey bee
Tarani Girl goddess earth
Tarannum Girl melody
Tarika Girl starlet
Taruni Girl young girl
Tejal Girl lustrous
Tejaswi Girl lustrous
Tejaswini Girl lustrous
Tilottama Girl a celestial maiden
Timila Girl a musical
Tribhuvaneshwari Girl goddess of the three worlds
Triguna Girl maya or illusion
Triguni Girl the three dimensions
Trilochana Girl lord shiva
Trinyani Girl goddess durga
Tripta Girl satisfied
Tripti Girl satisfaction
Trisha Girl thrist
Triveni Girl confluence of three sacred rivers
Triya Girl young woman
Tulika Girl brush

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