Baby Names Start With b

Baby Names Start With b:

This page contains Baby Names Start With b

Name Gender Meaning
Babrumalin Boy fire keeper, a sage who was prominent member of the court of Yudhishtira
Bachharaj Boy very strong, kind among the alves
Bachil Boy one who talks more, orator
Baddharajya Boy bound by the throne, succeeding to the throne
Badridas Boy devote of Vishnu
Badrinath Boy lord of Badri, Vishnu
Bahu Boy arm, the shadow of the sundial, the constellation Ardra, a son of Vrka
Bahubhedin Boy arm breaker, another name of Vishnu
Bahudhar Boy diamond, many edged, Indra’s thunderbolt
Bahugava Boy owing many cattle
Bahuka Boy dependent,survive, the arm
Bahukalyan Boy well-wisher of many, noble, very illustrious
Bahul Boy ample, broad, abundant, large, dense, thick, spacious
Bahumanya Boy esteemed and respected by many
Bahumargi Boy follower of many paths, cross roads
Bahumurdhan Boy many headed,Vishnu
Bahupatu Boy very clever
Bahushrut Boy extremely learned, well versed in Vedas,famous
Bahuvashin Boy controller of many
Bahuvidh Boy very intelligent, versatile, talented, many faceted, knows many arts
Bahuvikram Boy very powerful
Bakavat Boy watchful, tactful, very attentive
Bakulesh Boy lord of blossoms
Balacharya Boy bestower of strength
Baladev Boy a young god
Baladeya Boy bestower of strength
Baladitya Boy newly risen sun
Balagovind Boy young cowherd, young Krishna
Balaji Boy strong, Vishnu
Balaksha Boy strong-eyed
Balakund Boy young flower, bud
Balamukund Boy young blossom, soft like a blossom, child
Balanath Boy lord of strength
Balangak Boy strong limbed, spring season
Balaravi Boy morning sun
Balarka Boy rising sun
Balasurya Boy rising sun, purple light of dawn
Balaswami Boy master of power
Balaval Boy very powerful
Balavarnin Boy strong and appearing well
Balavat Boy powerful, intense, dense, prevailing
Balayukta Boy endowed with strength
Balayus Boy living on his strength
Baldev Boy god like in power, strong,Balram
Baleshwar Boy lord of children, Krishna
Bali Boy offering ,gift, tribute, oblation
Baliman Boy powerful
Ballav Boy cowherd
Balochan Boy Shiva
Bana Boy arrow, sharp, intellect
Banajita Boy conqueror, Vishnu
Banalinga Boy an arrow shaped phallus, a pointed stone, knowing the secret of archery
Bandana Boy prayer, chant, sacred, enlightened, illumined, beyond worldly bonds
Bandhuman Boy with many brothers, protected
Bandin Boy one who praises, bard
Banrender Boy Shiva
Bansi Boy flute, sweet voiced, melodious
Barhan Boy strong, active, agile, eye-dazzling, energetic,powerful
Barhis Boy that which is plucked up, sacrificial grass, fire, light
Barhisad Boy seated on sacred grass
Baru Boy noble
Barun Boy lord of water, found in water
Basabi Boy resident
Basavaraj Boy lord of the bulls, extremely strong, very virile
Basdev Boy fire
Basu Boy wealthy
Battu Boy lad, youth, boy, Shiva
Beejin Boy cosmic creator, progenitor, sun
Bekura Boy sound,voice, musical instrument, melodious, harmony
Beniprasada Boy gift of a wreath of flowers, flowers sacred enough to be offered to god
Benson Boy excellent son
Bhadraksh Boy one with beautiful eyes
Bhadrasar Boy essence of goodness, ocean of good
Bhadrayu Boy leads a good life
Bhadresh Boy lord of nobles, Shiva
Bhadrik Boy noble
Bhagavat Boy spiritual being, Vishnu`s follower, adorable, divine, glorious, happy, holy, wealthy, Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna
Bhagyodhay Boy dawn of good luck
Bhairav Boy fear-dispeller, frightening, formidable
Bhajaman Boy praying deeply, praying fervently, praying sincerely
Bhajan Boy devotional songs, venerated, sacred
Bhakosh Boy freasure of light, sun
Bhamhagosh Boy chanting or recitation of Vedas
Bhandil Boy fortune
Bhanudas Boy devotee of the sun
Bhanudatta Boy sun-given, bright, sacred, illuminating
Bhanudev Boy lord of glory, sun
Bhanuman Boy as bright as sun
Bhanumitra Boy friend of the sun
Bhanuprasad Boy gift of sun
Bharand Boy fulfiller, master, lord
Babitha Girl Born in the first quarter of an astrological day
Bageshri Girl Name of a raaga
Bahula Girl A star
Bahulika Girl Magnified
Baidehi Girl Sita
Baijayanthi Girl Garland of lord vishnu
Baishali Girl An ancient city
Bakula Girl Nagakeshar flower
bala Girl Girl
Ballari Girl Creeper
Banamala Girl Forests
Bandhini Girl Bound,Bond
Bandhula Girl Charming
Banita Girl Woman
Barkha Girl Rain
Baruna Girl Wife of the sea lord
Baruni Girl Goddess durga
Basabi Girl Wife of lord indra
Basanti Girl Spring
Benazir Girl Incomparable
Bhagra Girl Gentle
Bhagirathi Girl The river ganga
Bhagwanti Girl Lucky
Bhagya Girl Lucky
Bhairavi Girl Goddess durga
Bhakti Girl Devotion
Bhanuja Girl River yamuna
Bhanupriya Girl Beloved of the sun
Bharati Girl Goddess saraswati
Bhavana,Bhavna Girl Meditation,thinking
havika Girl Well meaning,righteous
Bhavya Girl Magnificient
Bhoomi Girl The earth
Bhoomika Girl Introduction
Bina Girl Melodious
Bindu Girl A drop
Bipasha Girl A river,Beas
Bishakha Girl A star
Brijabala Girl Daughter of nature
Brinda Girl The basil plant;Radha

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