Baby Names Start With l

Baby Names Start With l:

This page contains Baby Names Start With l .

Name Gender Meaning
Labadh Boy acquired, obtained
Laghat Boy wind
Laghu Boy light, low, lovely, gentle, pure, soft, small, swift, subtle, young
Laghuga Boy moving fast
Lajawan Boy modest, shy
Lajit Boy modest, shy
Laksh Boy aim, objective
Lakshan Boy with an auspicious mark
Lakshang Boy with an auspicious mark
Lakshin Boy with an auspicious mark
Lakshman Boy with an auspicious mark, target achiever, fortunate
Lakshmikant Boy husband of Lakshmi, a rich person
Lakshminarayan Boy Lakshmi and Vishnu together
Lakshminath Boy Vishnu
Lakshmipati Boy Vishnu
Lakshmiraman Boy Vishnu
Lakulesh Boy god
Lal Boy precious stone
Lalchand Boy red moon
Lalil Boy beautiful, affectionately tended
Lalit Boy handsome, lovely
Lalitchandra Boy a beautiful moon
Lalitaditya Boy beautiful sun
Lalitesh Boy god of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
Lalitmohan Boy beautiful and attractive
Lalitlochan Boy one with beautiful eyes
Lalitya Boy good-looking, affectionate
Lamak Boy lover, chivalrous person
Lamban Boy great, large, tall,spacious, long necklace, Shiva
Lambit Boy procured, cherished
Lander Boy property owner
Lashak Boy dancer, peacock, frolicker, Shiva
Lashit Boy wished, yearned for
Latkan Boy an ornament for the hair, lace
Lauhit Boy made of metal, red
Lava Boy tiny, piece, particle
Lavam Boy small, clove
Lavan Boy handsome, lovely, salt, saline
Lavanik Boy handsome, beautiful, saline
Lavaneesh Boy lord of the sea
Lavaraja Boy king of the moment, a sage
Lavitra Boy subtle one, Shiva
Lawson Boy son of the Lawrence
Laya Boy deep concentration, rest fusion, supreme being
Leon Boy lion
Levin Boy lightning
Likhit Boy written
Lincoln Boy home by the pond
Lindsay Boy pool island
Labha Boy profit
Lasya Boy a dance
Lipshit Boy desired
Loban Boy incense
Lobh Boy greed, cupidity
Lochan Boy eye
Lohajit Boy that which conquers iron, a diamond
Lohit Boy red, copper
Lohitashwa Boy one with rd horse, fire, Shiva
Lokatman Boy soul of the universe
Lokbhushan Boy ornament of the universe
Lokesh Boy Lord of the universe, Brahma
Loknath Boy lord of all words, king
Lokpradeep Boy Gautam Buddha
Lokprakash Boy light of the world
Lomasa Boy hairy
Lomesh Boy ancient sage’s name
Lowell Boy beloved
Loyin Boy beauty
Lubdhak Boy hunter, the star Sirius
Lusa Boy saffron
Lyndon Boy linden tree
Lajita Girl modest
Lajja Girl Modesty
Lajwanti Girl a sensitive plant
Laksha Girl white rose
Lakshaki Girl goddess sita
Lakshita Girl distinguished
Lakshmi Girl goddess of wealth
Lalasa Girl ardent desire
Lalima Girl redness
Lalita Girl beautiful
Laranya Girl graceful
Lata Girl a creeper
Latangi Girl a creeper
Latika Girl a small creeper
Lavali Girl love
Lavangi Girl apsara, of the clove plant
Leela Girl divine play
Leelavati Girl playful, goddess durga
Leena Girl devoted
Lekha Girl writing
Likhitha Girl studious
Lily Girl a flower
Lipi Girl script
Lipika Girl a short letter
Lohita Girl red, ruby
Lorena Girl crowned with Laurels
Lucia Girl the light of India
Lumbika Girl a musical instrumenrt
Lydia Girl happiness

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