Baby Names Starting With b

Baby Names Starting With b

This page contains Baby Names Starting With b.

Name Gender Meaning
Babhru Boy fire, brown, tawny, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna
Bhima Boy fearful, terrible, formidable, tremendous
Bheemanath Boy lord of strength
Bheemaveg Boy swift, active, quick
Bhavishnu Boy knowing the future, fairing well, thriving
Bhavuk Boy sentimental, sensitive, aesthetic, prosperous
Bhavik Boy well-meaning, happy, righteous
Bhavil Boy good
Bhavadatta Boy given by Shiva
Bhavadev Boy lord of existence
Bhaumendra Boy lord of the earth
Bhaumik Boy being on earth
Bhasin Boy shining, radiant, brilliant
Bhaskar Boy sun, radiator, emitter of light, illuminator, gold, fire, hero, Shiva
Bharav Boy bowstring
Bhargavak Boy radiant, diamond
Bhanumitra Boy friend of the sun
Bhanunath Boy lord of brightness
Bhanuchandra Boy
Bhanudas Boy devotee of the sun
Bhakosh Boy freasure of light, sun
Bhakta Boy devotee, loyal, worshipper, honoring
Bhagesh Boy lord of richness
Bheemachandra Boy moon of strength
Bhavil Boy good
Bakulesh Boy lord of blossoms
Bala Boy young, simple, pure, sun ,newly risen
Bahushrut Boy extremely learned, well versed in Vedas,famous
Bahuvashin Boy controller of many
Bhagirath Boy one who brought Ganga on earth
Bhadrik Boy noble
Bhagaditya Boy wealth bestowing sun
Bhadraksh Boy one with beautiful eyes
Bhadrasar Boy essence of goodness, ocean of good
Bekura Boy sound,voice, musical instrument, melodious, harmony
Beniprasada Boy gift of a wreath of flowers, flowers sacred enough to be offered to god
Bashkal Boy teacher, preceptor, knower of the substance, well read, enlightened, illuminated, wise
Barton Boy from the barley field
Baru Boy noble
Barhan Boy strong, active, agile, eye-dazzling, energetic,powerful
Barhis Boy that which is plucked up, sacrificial grass, fire, light
Banibrat Boy controller of speech, eloquent, orator, devoted to speech
Bankimchandra Boy half moon, charming as well as shrewd, crooked moon
Banajita Boy conqueror, Vishnu
Banalinga Boy an arrow shaped phallus, a pointed stone, knowing the secret of archery
Baliman Boy powerful
Balin Boy powerful, strong, robust, mighty
Brinda Girl The basil plant;Radha
Bubul Girl A songbird
Bhoomi Girl The earth
Bhoomika Girl Introduction
Bhanumati Girl Full of lustre
Bhanupriya Girl Beloved of the sun
Bhagwanti Girl Lucky
Bhagya Girl Lucky
Baruni Girl Goddess durga
Basabi Girl Wife of lord indra
Bandhini Girl Bound,Bond
Bandhula Girl Charming
Baishali Girl An ancient city
Bakula Girl Nagakeshar flower
Babitha Girl Born in the first quarter of an astrological day
Bageshri Girl Name of a raaga

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