Female Hindu Baby Names

Female Hindu Baby Names

This page contains Female Hindu Baby Names.

Female Hindu Baby Names

Name Meaning
Aayaushi long life
Dishi Direction
Abhil splendour
Abhati light
Abheri fearless
Abhidha of thought,wish
Abhijiti victory
Abhikhya beauty, fame
Abhilasa desire, wish, affection
Abhimukhi turned towards , facing
Abhiniti one who has achieved perfection
Abhisri surrounded by glory
Abja Born in water
Abjini a multitude of lotuses
Aboli a flower
Acala immovable, the earth
Acchoda with clear water, a river
Accupta inactive
Acira brief, swift, fast
Adhya beyond perfection, the first creator
Adilaksmi the primal Lakshmi
Adisakti the primal energy
Adita the first root
Aditi freedom, security, safety, immensity, perfection, creative
Adrija Another name for parvati
Adrika Small mountain
Adrsyanti Invisible
Advaitavadini Propounder of the uniqueness of the absolute
Adya First
Agaja Produced on the mountain
Agnajita One who has conquered fire
Agnayi Fiery
Agneyi Daughter of fire
Agnimukhi Fire faced
Agnivardhini Increasing fire
Ahalya Agreeable
Ahi Heaven and earth conjoined
Ahilya Unploughed
Ahita A river
Ahladita Delighted
Ahu Calling;Invoking
Ahuka Another name for damayanti
Ahuti A solemn river
Aiksvaki Very sweet
Aindri Belonging to the senses
Aingini Agitated
Aisvaya Wealth
Aja Not born
Ajala Another name or the earth
Ajamukhi Goatfaced
Ajani Of noble birth
Ajara ever young
Ajathya the yellow jasmine
Ajaya one who cannot be conquered
Ajira not slow, agile, quick, rapid
Akaliki lightning
Akalka free from impurity
Akanksa desire,wish
Akrti form, shape
Aksamala the mother of Vatsa
Aksasutra bearer of knowledge
Aksavali a string of Aksa seeds
Aksaya undecaying, another name of Prthvi
Aksayini another name of Parvati
Amaraja daughter of the gods
Amani way, one who shos the path, leader,
Ambumati containing water, a river
Ambuaksi lotus eyed, with beautiful eyes
Ambika mother, sensitive, loving
Ambi mother, sensitive
Ambhojini an assemblage lotuses
Ambhini born of water
Ambaya mother
Ambali mother, sensitive
Amba mother, a good woman
Amati beyond intellect
Amrtama food obtained from the Ocean of milk
Amrtamalini with an everfresh garland
Ananta endless, eternal, divine
Anangadevi formless goddess
Anangalekha a love letter
Anandi bestower of pleasure
Andika elder sister
Andala eggless, partless
Anavi humane, kind of people
Anati bent, modest, respectful, humble
Anasuya without spite or envy
Anita without guile, not driven, a leader
Anindya beyond reproach
Anindita who is never spoken ill of
Anindini who does not speak ill of others

Female Hindu Baby Names

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