German Baby Boy Names-A

German Baby Boy Names-A

German Baby Boy Names Are Arranged in Alphabetical Order

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Name Gender Meaning
Alexander Boy Defender of Mankind
Aadne Boy in German language aadne means Eagle
Aaron Boy Enlighted
Aart Boy The Eagle ; A variant form of Arthur
Abbe Boy My Father is Joyful
Abbey Boy Father; My Father is light
Abbot Boy Father; A Variant of Abba
Abelard Boy resolute and stubborn
Abelino Boy Means unsure pet form of Avila
Abell Boy Exhalation of Breath; A Variant of Abel
Abidin Boy Father of Knowledge
Abie Boy Father of Many
Abijah Boy The Lord is My Father; Gift of God
Abramo Boy high father; father of a multitude
Absalom Boy Hebrew meaning God the Father is peace
Absalon Boy God the Father is peace
Aby Boy Father of multitude or masses
Achaz Boy God is Holding
Achim Boy A name variant of Joachim.
Acwulf Boy A wolf from the oak meadows
Ad Boy Noble Wolf
Adaire Boy Wealthy spear or oak grove
Adal Boy noble
Adalbeorht Boy The bright shining noble person
Adalbert Boy Noble; Honorable; Famous
Adalbrecht Boy The bright or posibbily shining noble person
Adalbrechta Boy A bright noble person
Adalfieri Boy An oath of a noble person
Adalgar Boy A noble or wealthy spearman
Adalhard Boy A brave and tough noble person
Adalheid Boy Golden
Adaliz Boy A sort of kind or noble person
Adalric Boy A wealthy or rich noble person
Adalrik Boy A noble or kind ruler
Adalwen Boy The noble companion or friend
Adalwin Boy The victory of a noble person
Adalwine Boy A friend who is kind and noble
Adalwolf Boy A noble wolf
Adalwolfa Boy A wolf who is noble
Adar Boy Ruler
Addaley Boy An honourable noble person
Addie Boy Variation
Addler Boy A eagle or a person with the quality of an eagle
Ade Boy Crown, Royal, Peak
Adelar Boy A fearless noble warrior
Adelard Boy noble strength in German; A variant of Abelard
Adelbert Boy A shining noble person
Adelbrecht Boy A bright shining noble man
Adelgund Boy An honourable warrior

German Baby Boy Names-A

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