Girl Baby Names

Girl Baby Names :

This page contains Girl Baby Names .

Name Gender Meaning
Aaloka Girl lustrous
Aamrapali Girl leaf of mango tree
Aanadi Girl always happy
Aanchal Girl protective shelter
Brijabala Girl Daughter of nature
Brinda Girl The basil plant;Radha
Bubul Girl A songbird
Chhaya Girl shadow
Chitralekha Girl beautiful design, a celestial maiden>
Chitrani Girl the river
Chhaya Girl shadow
Chitra Girl picture, a stat, name of a river
Chitrani Girl the river
Eshanya Girl east
Eshika Girl an arrow, dart
Eshita Girl one who desires
Farzana Girl intelligence
Fatima, Fatma Girl the prophet Mohammad’s daughter
Fazeela Girl faithful
Firoza Girl turquoise
Gunjika Girl humming
Gunwanti Girl virtuous
Gurpraveen Girl goddess of stars
Hina Girl fragrance
Hiranya Girl golden
Husna Girl beautiful
Ivy Girl a creeper
Iyla Girl moon light
Iyalisai Girl music
Jyeshtha Girl eldest daughter, a nakshathra
Jyotika Girl light, a flame
Jyotsana Girl radiant like flames
Jyotsna Girl moonlight
Kunjana Girl forest girl
Kusuma Girl flower
Kusumita Girl flowers in the bloom
Lorena Girl crowned with Laurels
Lucia Girl the light of India
Lydia Girl happiness
Menaka Girl a celestial dancerr
Menitha Girl wise
Minal Girl a precious stone
Minu Girl a gem
Noor Girl light
Noorjehan Girl light of the world
Nutan Girl new
Oparna Girl goddess parvati
Orpita Girl offering
Oviya Girl artist, beautiful drawing
Purvi Girl from the east
Pushpa Girl flower
Pushpanjali Girl flower offering
Pushpita Girl decorated with flowers
Quasar Girl meteor
Quentin Girl old English for “from the Queen’s Land”
Rahi Girl traveller
Rahim Girl another name of God
Sheela Girl cool
Sheetal Girl cool
Shefali Girl a flower
Shibani Girl goddess durga
Tulika Girl brush
Tulsi Girl the sacred basil
Utalika Girl wave
Utpala Girl lotus
Utsa Girl spring
Vishaya Girl subject
Viveka Girl right
Vrinda Girl basil, radha
Vritti Girl nature, temperament
Wajeeha Girleminent
Wamika Girl goddess durga
Warda Girl rose
Xena Girl brave
Yojana Girl the planning
Yuktha Girl absorbed
Yuvati Girl young lady
Yuvika Girl young woman, maid
Zuha Girl morning star
Zuleika Girl brilliant
Zulema Girl full of beauty
Zuleyka Girl beauty
Jyotika Girl light, a flame
Jyotsana Girl radiant like flames
Jithya Girl victorious
Jivika Girl source of life
Joshita Girl pleased
Jayantika Girl goddess durga
Jayita Girl victorious
Jeevitha Girl life
Jailekha Girl a record of victory
Jaina Girl good character
Jaipriya Girl beloved of victory

Girl Baby Names

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