Lord Names

Name Meaning
Aadhaaranilaya residing at earth
Aananda joy
Aanandee joyful
Aashrama place of rest, abode
Aatmayoni born on his own
Aavatana runs the wheels of the universe
Abhoo unborn
Abhipraaya intention, wish, desire, opinion, belief
Achala static
Achintya unthinkable
Achyuta unchanged
Adbhuta wonderful, extraordinary
Adhaataa one who is not possessed
Adhishthaanam support
Adhokshaja with lowered eyes
Adhruta cannot be held or possessed
Aditi free, boundless
Adrashya invisible
Agraahya cannot be grasped
Agraja born first
Agranee leads ahead
Aha praise
Aja e xisting from all eternity
Ajita unconcquerable
Akroora not cruel
Akshaya undecaying
Akshara imperishable
Akshobya one who does not get agitated
Amaanee has no pride
Amaraprabhu immortal god
Ambhonidhi unlimited storage of water
Ameyaatmaa possessing an immeasurable soul
Amita cannot be measured
Amitaashana one who eats a lot
Amitabikrama unlimited heroism
Amogha never fails
Amoorti formless
Amoortimaana formless
Amruta eternal
Amrutaanshoodbhava root of the moon with amrut
Amrutaasha one who drinks nectar
Amrutapa one who drinks nectar
Ammrutavapu one who has imperishable body
Amrutyu immortal
Anaadi one who does have beginning
Anaadinidhana one who has no birth or death
Anaamaya without disease
Anagha without sins
Anala fire
Ananta infinite
Anantaatmaa eternal soul
Anantajita the conqueror of all
Anantaroopa one who has innumerable shapes and forms
Anantashree boundless magnificance
Anartha meaningless
Anaya cannot be led
Aneesha does not have a lord
Annekamoorti several forms
Anila wind
Animisha vigilant
Aniyama no settle rule or direction
Anirdehyavapu invisible
Aniruddha independent
Anivinna not depressed or fatigued
Anivartee never regresses
Anivruttatmaa unfulfilled soul
Annama food
Antaka power of end of every being
Anu atom
Anuthama nobody is greater than him
Anukoola conductive
Apaannidhi water storage
Aparaajita cannot be defeated
Apramatta alert
Aprameya cannot be measured
Aprameyaatmaa the soul which cannot be measured
Apratiratha unrivalled warrior
Apyaya in whom the universe gets lost
Archita respected
Archishmaana brilliant
Arka sun
Aroudra not fierce
Artha wealth
Arvindaaksha eyes like blue lotus
Asankhyeya above the numbers
Asat non-existent
Ashoka devoid of grief
Ashwatha pipal tree
Ateendra better than Indra
Ateendreya above the senses
Atula beyond comparison
Avidheyaatmaa liberated from obstructions
Avignaataa devoid of special knowledge
Avishishta without anything special
Avyakta invisible
Ayyanga no physical deformation
Avyaya no physical destruction
Ayama does not die

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