Modern Hindu Baby Names-A

Modern Hindu Baby Names-A

Modern Hindu Baby Names are Arranged in alphabetical order.

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Modern Hindu Baby Names-A

Name Gender Meaning
Agila Girl Globe; World
Aadarsh Boy One who has principles
Aadesh Boy Command, Message
Aadhinath Boy It mean 'First'
Aadhishankar Boy Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy
Aadit Boy Peak
Aagman Boy Arrival
Aahna Girl Exist
Aahwaanith Boy Wanted
Aakaar Boy Shape
Aalok Boy Enlightenment or Light of divinity
Aamod Boy Pleasant, accept
Aaradhya Girl Worshipped
Aarav Boy Peaceful
Aarit Boy One who seeks the right direction
Aarpit Boy To Donate
Aaruthira Girl Mellowness; Tranquility; Softness
Aarzoo Girl Wish
Abheek Boy Fearless
Abhibhushpam Girl Astonishing Flower
Abhijit /Abhijeet Boy One Who Is Victorious, A Star
Abhik Boy Beloved
Abhilasha Girl Ambition, Desire
Abhinandana Girl Congratulations, happiness
Aadinath Boy God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; the first God
Aarya; Arya Girl Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga
Baalaaditya; Baladitya Boy Risen sun

Modern Hindu Baby Names-A

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