Names For Newborn Babies

Names For Newborn Babies

''Babies  are  always  more  trouble  than  you  thought  -  and  more  wonderful''

This is the full list of Names for Newborn Babies:

Names For Newborn Babies

Name Gender Meaning
Aabha Boy Light
Aabharan Boy Jewel
Akarshit Boy attracted, admirer of beauty
Akash Boy touchstone
Ajur Boy ever young
Akalank Boy stainless, flawless,unblemished
Ajasra Boy not to be obstructed
Ajat Boy unborn, a God
Aitareya Boy unique
Aja Boy not born, self-existent, eternal, leader of a flock, ram, driver, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu
Ahim Boy not cold, hot, cloud, water, traveller
Ahirath Boy having a snake chariot
Bhikshit Boy obtained as alms
Bhima Boy fearful, terrible, formidable, tremendous
Bhavil Boy good
Bhavin Boy living being, human
Bhavad Boy giving life, cause of existence
Bhavadatta Boy given by Shiva
Bhasvan Boy full of brightness
Bhasvar Boy luminous, brilliant, shining, glorious
Bhanu Boy appearance, light, fame, glory, king, lord, master, Shiva, sun
Bhanuchandra Boy
Bhagavan Boy with great fortune, god
Bhagavant Boy with fortune, share holder
Bhadrasar Boy essence of goodness, ocean of good
Bhadrasheel Boy noble in behaviour
Bayaz Boy white, bright
Beant Boy endless, eternal
Badridas Boy devote of Vishnu
Badrinath Boy lord of Badri, Vishnu
Bahudam Boy strong, powerful, suppressor of many, an attendant of Skanda’s
Bahudhan Boy very wealthy
Bahuketu Boy many peaked, a mountain
Bahukshan Boy enduring much, another name for a Buddha or a Jain saint
Bahurja Boy full of energy, strong, energetic, powerful
Bahusakti Boy very powerful
Bala Boy young, simple, pure, sun ,newly risen
Balabandhu Boy having power as a friend, always helped by power, associated with power
Bahuprada Boy liberal, generous
Bahurja Boy full of energy, strong, energetic, powerful
Chitranath Boy excellent lord
Chitranga Boy with multi-hued body, antelope, vermilion
Chitradarshi Boy with bright observation, seeing clearly
Chitradharman Boy follower of various strange customs, arrangement of various colours
Chirantak Boy eternal
Chiravasas Boy long lived
Chiman Boy curious
Chinmaya Boy consisting of pure intelligence, Spirit
Chetonare Boy attractive
Chhagali Boy name of the prince
Charumat Boy intelligent
Charumod Boy pleasing, joy, gladness, jasmine
Chandramukut Boy moon-crested, Shiva
Chandranan Boy moon-faced
Chandrak Boy crescent moon, moon
Chandrakant Boy as lovely as the moon, loved by the moon
Chandracharya Boy moon among teachers, wise
Chandradatta Boy moon-given, fair, tranquil, cool, soothing
Chandan Boy sandalwood, fragnant, auspicious, cool, soothing
Chandanin Boy smeared with sandalwood paste, Shiva
Dattoli Boy fully engrossed
Dattravat Boy rich in gifts
Dasmat Boy desirable, acceptable
Dasmay Boy beautiful
Darvi Boy wooden ladle
Darwin Boy beloved
Darphan Boy destroyer of ego, Shiva
Darphar Boy ego-destroyer, Shiva
Danadashree Boy best among the staff, best judge, best manager
Dandravat Boy carrying a staff, leader, commander, full of self respect
Dama Boy wealth, house, self-restraint
Daman Boy rope, giridle, wreath, chaplet
Dadhyan Boy milk vender, a hermit to whom Indra taught the art preparing rice in a particular manner for oblation
Daha Boy blazing, very bright
Evyavan Boy swift, granting, desires, vishnu
Ezra Boy help
Emush Boy lifter
Enad Boy doe, spotted, black, antelope
Ekayavan Boy wise one
Ekdak Boy identical
Ekamber Boy with sky as an attire
Ekanai Boy only leader
Ekada Boy the first one, giver of one, the Absolute
Ekadyu Boy supreme sky
Edan Boy flame
Eddie Boy defender of property
Faloday Boy pleasure, happiness
Faqid Boy intelligent, wise
Faizah Boy attaining, accomplishing
Faizan Boy charitable, beneficial
Faba Boy bean

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