Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-E

Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-E

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Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-E
Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-E Gender Meaning
Eaellisaichelviஏழிசைச்செல்வி Girl The woman of seven diatonic notes
Eaellisaimanniஏழிசைமணி Girl The one who is extremely talented in seven diatonic notes
Eaellisaithendralஏழிசைத்தென்றல் Girl The breeze of seven diatonic notes
Eegaiyaalஈகையாள் Girl Giver, benefactress
Eaellisaiinniyavalஏழிசை இனியள் Girl Master in all the seven notes, audiophile one
Eaellisaipaamagalஏழிசைப்பாமகள் Girl A woman with an extraordinary musical talent
Eaellisaiyarasiஏழிசையரசி Girl The Queen of seven diatonic notes
Eelathamilஈழத்தமிழ் Girl Eelam's Tamil
Eniyavalஇனியவள் Girl Sweetest person
Eilakiyaஇலக்கியா Girl The one who is very interested in Literature, a litterateur
Ethalஇதழ் Girl Petal like lips
Esaiyarlஇசையாள் Girl The one who is musically talented
Elliloviyamஎழிலோவியம் Girl Beauty holding art

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