Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-M

Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-M

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Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-M
Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-M Gender Meaning
Maathuமாது Girl beautiful lady, young lady
Malarkodiமலர்க்கொடி Girl the one who has gentle waist like a flower
Malarvilliமலர்விழி Girl the one whose eyes
Mathuramமதுரம் Girl Good natured
Mozhiமொழி Girl language, a medium to communicate
Muthazhaguமுத்தழகு Girl Pearl like beautiful person
Muthunagaiமுத்துநகை Girl pearl smile
Mallaimagalமலைமகள் Girl Daughter of mountain
Mallikaமல்லிகா Girl jasmine
Maruthaellilமருதஎழில் Girl one who is very simple as a meadow
Mugilarasiமுகிலரசி Girl The Queen of clouds
Malarvathyமலர்வதி Girl leader, independent, original, creative, determined, courage, initiative
Mivizhiமைவிழி Girl A beautifully decorated eye with an eyeliner
Mahizhnilaமகிழ்நிலா Girl joyful moon
Maasilaமாசிலா Girl Flawless, great understanding person

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