Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-V

Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-V

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Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-V
Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-V Gender Meaning
Vadivuவடிவு Girl Figure, trait
Vanajaவனஜா Girl person who admire jungle ( jungle - vanam)
Vayyamவைய்யம் Girl Earth
Venpaவெண்பா Girl Classical form of tamil poetry. Venpa is a context free grammer to write classical tamil poems which are 2 to 12 lines.
Vaan nilaவாண்நிலா Girl moon on the sky
Vatrivizhiவெற்றிவிழி Girl person who succeed in everything
Visaladchiவிசாலாட்சி Girl Goddess Parvathi
Valatthakkalவளத்தக்கால் Girl living on a budget
Velvizhiவேல்விழி Girl Arrow like eyes, brave one
Vaigaichelviவைகைச்செல்வி Girl The one who belongs to Vaikai river,which is one of the famous river in India
Vanamalarவண்ணமலர் Girl colorful flowers
Vennilaவெண்ணிலா Girl full moon
Vasiyarasiவசியரசி Girl Queen of attraction

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