Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-Y

Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-Y

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Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-Y
Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names-Y Gender Meaning
Yaaliniயாழினி Girl the one who belongs to Yarlpanam, the one who loves to play the instrument 'Yarl'
Yarlarasiயாழரசி Girl queen of playing yarl - the musical instrument
Yarlnila யாழ்நிலா Girl Yaazhnila (யாழ்நிலா) is name generally means Melodious like Yaal(யாழ்) and Beauty like Nila (நிலா), is of Tamil origin, is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Yaazhnila are mainly Hindu by religion and Tamil by native. Yaal (யாழ்) is ancient tamil music instrument and Nila (நிலா) refers Moon.
Yarlthooriயாழ்தூரி Girl affinity with Yarl the instrument, affinity with the place "Yarl"
Yazhmozhiயாழ்மொழி Girl speak musically, yarl / yazh - one of the ancient Tamil musical instrument

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