Sanskrit Baby Girl Names

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names

This page contains Sanskrit Baby Girl Names .

Name Meaning
Abhati splendor, light
Abheri fearless
Abhibhil glittering
Abhidhya of thought, wish, longing, desire
Abhijiti victory
Abhijna knoing, recollection, skilful, clever
Abhikhya beauty
Abhilasha desire, wish, affection
Abhimukhi turned towards
Abhiniti that which has aiready been performed
Aadrika Mountain, celestial
Aayushi Lineage, duration of life
Aishani Goddess Durga
Arunima Early morning sunlight, red glow
Bhargavi Goddess, daughter of sun
Chitragandha A fragrant material
Devangi Like a Goddess
Devika Little Goddess
Erisha Speech
Gatha Song of praise
Gayatri Mother of Vedas
Hritika Truthful
Jivantika Bestower of long life
Kashvi Shining
Kalyani Benefit
Kaveri Sacred river of India
Laasya Dance performed by Goddess Parvati
Lakshita To see, recognise
Manya Rebellious, beloved
Nalini Lovely
Oormila Wife of Lakshman
Prabhodita Sound advice
Pratyusha Sunrise
Ritvika One who recites the Rig veda
Kashvi Shining
Kavya Poem
Lavi Lion
Malavika Princess of Malawa
Nalini Lovely
Oormila Wife of Lakshman
Prabhodita Sound advice
Pratyusha Sunrise
Shambhavi Goddess Durga, name of a river
Talika A bird
Uttarika Crossing river, delivering
Yaalini Melodious
Yamini Nocturnal, night
Adi Adornment; Jewel; The First; Primaeval; Daughter of Earth; My Ornament; My Witness; Ornament
Aje Goat
Ani Ornament; Beautiful
Aadrika mountain
Aarya durga
Abhaya fearless
Agrata leadership
Ahalya wife of Goutham Rishi
Akshita wonder girl
Amber the sky
Amrita nectar
Anamika ring-finger
Ananda joyful
Ananta without end
Anjali tribute
Annapurna devi bhagavati
Anuja younger sister
Bala a young girl
Basanti spring
vasanti spring
Bhagawati lucky
Bhanumati famous
bhavani goddess durga
Chanda moon
Chandra moon
Chandrakala beams of the moon
Chandramani moonstone
Charumati intelligent
Chitramala series of pictures
Dakshayani goddess of durga
damayanti nala’s wife
Devi goddess
Devika minor diety
Dhana wealthy
Durga goddess Durga
Goutami river of Godavari, wife of sage goutam
Geeta the holy book of the hindu
Girija the goddess parvathi
Harita green
Himani the goddess parvathi
Reena melted
Kaali Goddess Durga
Sanjana soft
Sachika kind, graceful
Amala the purest one
Anjali gift
Anvitha absorbed
Asha desire, hope
Bala ‘the little one
Bodhi one who has attained enlightenment and supreme knowledge
Chandana sandalwood
Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth in the Hindu mythology.
Darsatha visible
Devi Goddess of all’ and symbolizes the power of the feminine
Divija one born to perform great things
Durga invincible woman
Sukanya Good daughter

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names

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