Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys-K

Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys-K

Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys

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Spanish Baby Names And Meaning- Boys-K

Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys-K Gender Meaning
Kaapo Boy Kaapo is a Finnish variant of Gabriel. Gabriel originates in Hebrew language and means "God's bravest man'. It has been used as a masculine given name over centuries, and in different spellings all over the world. In the Bible, Gabriel is an Archangel, a messenger between God and humans
Kacper Boy Kacper is a Polish variant of Jasper. Jasper originates in Persian language and means "king of the treasure"
Kadir Boy Kadir originates in Turkish language and it means "powerful"
Kaelan Boy Kaelan is a variant of Caelan. Caelan originates in Gaelic languages. It is a derivative of the name 'Cale' and means 'slender or thin
Kahale Boy Kahale is a Hawaiian name that means 'a house'.
Kahiau Boy Kahiau is a Hawaiian name that means 'selfless generosity'.
Kahikina Boy Kahikina is a Hawaiian name that means 'the arrival'.
Kahl Boy Kahl is a Germanic name that means 'bald'.
Kaholo Boy Kaholo is a Hawaiian name which means 'nimble'. Kaholo is one of the steps in the Hula dance

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