Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys-T

Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys-T

Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys

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Spanish Baby Names And Meaning- Boys-T

Spanish Baby Names And Meaning-Boys-T Gender Meaning
Taavetti Boy Taavetti is a Finnish variant of David. David originates in Hebrew and means "adored". It has been one of the most popular masculine given names over centuries, and in different spellings all over the world. It functions as a surname as well. Throughout history it was popular with royalty. The most famous bearer is David, the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Jesus Christ's ancestor
Tacitus Boy Tacitus is a Latin name, not commonly used in English nowadays and means 'quiet, silent or mute'
Tadaaki Boy Tadaaki is a Japanese name and means 'faithful light'. It is derived from the Japanese words 'tada', which means 'loyal or faithful', and 'aki', which means 'bright or clear'
Tadeas Boy Tadeas is a Czech variant of Thaddeus. The name Thaddeus is an Anglicized version of the Old Greek name 'Theodotus' or 'Theodoros', and means 'gift of God or given by God'.
Taft Boy Taft is an English locational name and was given to people who came from Toft in Norfolk, Warwickshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. The place name Toft itself comes from the Old English 'toft', which means 'a place for a house site'
Tahoe Boy Tahoe is a Native American name and literally means 'big water'. Lake Tahoe in Nevada, United States, gets its name from the mispronunciation of the Washo (Native American tribe) word, 'da'aw', which means 'lake'
Taichi Boy Taichi is a Japanese name which means 'big one'. It is derived from the Japanese words 'ta', which means 'big, thick or plump', and 'ichi', which means 'one'
Tait Boy Tait is derived from the Old Norse word 'teitr', which means 'glad or cheerful'
Takoda Boy Takoda is a Native American name, a Siouan word which means 'friend to everyone'

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