Tamil Hindu Baby Boy Names

Tamil hindu baby boy names :

This page contains Tamil hindu baby boy names.

Name Meaning
Aasit Black Stone
Aashrit Ruler
Aashrav Shelter
Aashank faith
Aaryesh The King of Arya
Aaryav Noble person
Aarshin Pious
Aaron Light Bringer
Aariv The King of wisdom
Aarit One who seeks the right direction
Aarish Theray of sun
Aariketh Ganesh
Aadhish King
Aadhirai A special star
Aadavan Sun
Aabhas The sense of feeling
adaleru Brave
Azhagu Beauty
Ayyappan The God Ayyappan
Arivumadhi Arivumadhi
Arivolli Light of understanding
Arivalagan Intelligent Person
Arvalan Person filled with love and affection
Anparasan King of Love
Anpu Lover
Anbazhagan Beautiful lover
Anirudh Tamil Music Director Anirudh
Anjay unbeatable
Anbarasan The King Of Love
Aishwa Wealth
Aanjaneya son of anjani
Aalavandan the writing
Bimal Pure
Brahmabrata Ascetic
Bankimchandra Crescent Moon
Balakrishna Baby Krishna
Balachandra Young Moon
Balagovind Baby Krishna
Boopathi The Hero of Stunts
Branesh Lord of Life
Biju Strange
Bhuvik Heaven
Bhuvneshwar Bhuvneshwar is Indian word which means "GOD OF EARTH"
Bhoumik Land Owner
Bhevin Winner
Bhaumik Attached To The Earth
Bhavarth Meaning
Bhavishya Future
Cholaiyarasan King of the Gardens
Chandramouli Moon as crown, Lord Shiva
Chandran Moon
Chandrashekar Lord Shiva
Charan Feet
Chhatrabhuj Lord Vishnu
Chinmayu Supreme consciousness
Cheran The Chera King, From the Chera (currently Kerala) country
Chakradev Lord Vishnu
Chitrarth A man with ability same as of sun
Chellan Precious
Cheralathan A Chera King
Dravya Liquid
Drishit Signs
Dugant Direction, Endless, Horizon End Of Sky
Dipesh Lord Of Light
Dilshaan Glory of Heart
Divnesh Sun
Digvijay Who Is Victorious Over Everyone
Dhyanesh Meditative
Dhimant Wise, Intelligent
Dhiren One Who Is Strong
Dhrish Sight

Tamil hindu baby boy names

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