baby girl names c

baby girl names c :

This page contains baby girl names c .

Name Gender Meaning
Chaitali Girl born in the chaitra month
Chaitaly Girl name of an ancient city
Chaitra Girl aries sign
Chakrika Girl lakshmi
Champa Girl a flower
Chanchal Girl active, always awake
Chanchala Girl unsteady, lakshmi
Chanda Girl moon
Chandana Girl sandalwood
Chandani Girl a river
Chandni Girl moonlit
Chandraja Girl daughter of the moon
Chandrakala Girl moonbeams
Chandralekha Girl a ray of the moon
Chandrima Girl the moon
Chapala Girl restless, lighting
Charulata Girl beautiful
Charumati Girl beautiful
Chatura Girl clever
Chetana Girl intelligence
Chhaya Girl shadow
Chitra Girl picture, a stat, name of a river
Chitralekha Girl beautiful design, a celestial maiden>
Chitrani Girl the river

baby girl names c

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